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My name is Polly. I'm from Mexico City and live in Vancouver since 2011. Back in Mexico, I attended many birth workshops called prenatal psicoprofilaxis. For over 10 years, I was able to guide my friends and other women into natural childbirth and breastfeeding.

I never heard of a "doula", until I moved to Vancouver and my friend suggested that I should

work as a doula! I am so grateful to her. I believe this is the most amazing vocation and I love it.

When I looked for a course to prepare myself to be DONA certified, I found about Douglas College perinatal courses. There, I met an amazing coach and friend, Kathleen Lindstrom. She supported me and provided me with the tools to get the certification. I received my DONA certification in 2013.

DONA philosophy is simple but profound – “how will she remember this”? If all you do as a Doula is keep this at the forefront of your own mind and 'Doula' from the heart instead of the head then you can’t go wrong.

What do I mean when I talk about ‘doula from the heart’? It means meeting the mother where she is, accepting that her birth preferences may not be the same as yours and supporting this woman – eye to eye, breath to breath and heart to heart. When you Doula from the heart you don’t speak for the mother but you help her find her voice. Being a DONA trained Doula is about serving and supporting the mother in this magical time. When you serve a woman in labour you take on her values as your own. Even as an experienced Doula I found the DONA training inspirational. It brings us back to the core of ‘doula’ – supporting and serving the mother in a home or hospital environment.

I have four wonderful children, Olga born 1997; Eduardo born 2000; Ruth 2004; and Abraham 2008. They all were born naturally, but they all were a completely different experience. This is why I feel it is important to learn about and know the different choices and options that are available for pregnancy, labour and delivery. I also believe that having postnatal support available is very important.

I've always had a real passion and interest in pregnancy and birthing. I enjoy supporting families during this very special time of bringing a baby/babies into the world.

My Philosophy:

I believe that pregnancy, labour & birth are amazing, natural and individual experiences. Women and their families should be supported and informed of all the options and choices which are available to them - so they can make the right choices for them and their circumstances. As a doula, I am there to support fiscally and emotionally and guide women and families in the decisions and choices that they make.

I am a DONA certified Birth Doula, and in addition to doula services I offer Pregnancy Massage to alleviate physical discomfort and/or stress. I offer my services to both English and Spanish speaking families residing in Vancouver.


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